Adsorbable Organic Halogens

Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) is the sum parameter of Adsorbable Organic, Chlorine (Cl), Iodine (I) and Bromine (Br). These organic elements are able to adsorb onto activated carbon. An elemental combustion analyzer is able to measure the Adsorbable Organic Halogens content in (waste)water, pulp, paper, soil, sludge, sediment and salt water samples according to microcoulometry detection technique. The entire procedure for the analysis of Adsorbable Organic Halogen consists out of the following steps:

1. Adsorption on activated carbon
2. Rinsing off the Inorganic Chlorides
3. Pyrolysis of the Organic Halogens
4. Detection by a microcoulometric cell

International methods to measure the amount of Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) in samples like (waste)water, pulp and paper: DIN 38414-18 , DIN 38409-8 , ISO 9562 , GB/T 15959 .